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Rita Kály-Kullai

Rita Kály-Kullai started her piano studies at the age of 8 at the Budakeszi Zeneiskola (Music School of Budakeszi), where she was taught by Éva Tury.

Later she continued her piano studies in Weiner Leó Zeneművészeti Iskola (Weiner Leó Music Academy in Budapest) with her teacher, Márta Szerencsés. In 2000, she won the academy’s music competition and two years later, she achieved second place.

In 1997, while studying at high school, she started her church organ studies in Aelia Sabina Zeneiskola (Aelia Sabina Music School) with Erzsébet Bartl.

In 2000, she continued her studies at Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem (Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music) under the supervision of János Pálúr and Gábor Lehotka.
In a television series about the Academy she represented the church organ faculty.

In conjunction with her academic studies, Rita Kály-Kullai worked as a church organ teacher in her alma mater, Aelia Sabina Music School.

After graduating, she continued her education at the Internationales Institut für Orgel in Saarbrücken, Germany with Bernhard Leonardy. Meanwhile, she was the church organist and choir leader of Christkönig and St Pius Church in the city.

Since her return to Hungary, she has performed in many churches in Budapest and in the countryside. In addition to Hungary, she has performed as a guest in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and England not only as a soloist but also as a choir accompanist.

Currently she is a teacher and accompanist of Patrona Hungariae Katolikus Iskolaközpont (Patrona Hungariae Catholic School) and organist of Szent Ferenc Sebei Templom (St. Francis’ Stigmata Church).

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